earning call

How to Start?

Got the Audio or Transcript? Upload it!

  1. Find the audio or the transcript file of the earnings call you want to analyze. It’s usually on the company’s website (look for “Investor Relations”) or on transcript websites including:
    • The Motley Fool
    • Seeking Alpha
    • Insider Monkey
  2. Maimo accept all these types of files: .mp3, .wav, .m4a, .pdf, .txt, .docx.

Pro Tip: Clear audio makes Maimo even more accurate!

Let Maimo Does the Hard Work

  1. We turn your boring audio into transcripts.
earning call
  1. Then, we uses our super-smart AI brain to find the juicy stuff:
    • The important numbers (like the revenue number)
    • What the founders are saying about the future
    • The important questions analysts asked, and the answers they got
knowledge blocks

You Get the Easy-to-Read and Share Analysis

Now you’ve got a dashboard with insight blocks with:

  • Key Financial Metrics
  • Current Quarter Results
  • Guidances & Financial Outlook
  • Business Outlook
  • Trackback to the context in the original transcript for source of truth

Give Maimo a try and get those earnings call insights lighting fast!