Unblock Paywall

At times, Maimo may not be authorized to retrieve your subscribed content through a simple URL. To bridge this gap, the Maimo Chrome extension helps fetch your subscribed content behind paywalls, such as Substack articles, The Wall Street Journal, The Information newsletters, and more.

Let’s get started:



Install Maimo Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store, it’s free and takes just seconds!




After installing, refresh the webpage or even restart your browser. You’ll then see the Maimo badge on the right side of your browser.

Click Badge

Click on the Maimo badge, and you’ll open the login panel. If you already have a Maimo account, click the “Login” button. If you’re not our private beta tester yet, please join our waitlist!



Feed In Content Behind Paywall

Now, click the Maimo badge again, and you’ll be able to let Maimo access everything on the page and get an instant summary, including any pages behind a paywall and members-only content!

Maimo Summary

Everything you can see, Maimo can too. Nothing stands between you and the knowledge you seek anymore.

Use Maimo to feed in contents with Chrome Extension including paywalled articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos, to enhance your knowledge across various platforms.