What is Maimo’s Summary?

In the fast-paced world of information, quick and effective comprehension is key. Maimo’s Summary feature transforms extensive text into concise, digestible bullet points, making it easier to grasp the core ideas quickly. Whether you’re dealing with short or long texts, Maimo adapts to provide the most efficient summary.

Summary for For Short Texts

When you upload short texts to Maimo, the Summary feature generates several bullet points, each highlighting a key aspect of the content. This concise format is perfect for quickly understanding the main points without sifting through the entire text.


Summary For Long Texts

For more extensive documents, Maimo smartly divides the summary into bullet points categorized under several topics. This structured approach helps you navigate complex information with ease. A handy feature is the sidebar navigation – just click on a topic in the left sidebar, and you’ll be directed to the corresponding section in the summary.


Language Flexibility

Maimo values your language preferences. You can switch the summary language at the bottom of the summary panel, with current support for English and Chinese. The default summary language is based on your initial choice during the first login, but you’re not locked in; modify your language preference anytime on the Settings page.


Backtrace for Verification

The innovative “Backtrace” feature enhances your trust in the summarization. You can validate the source of any bullet point from the summary by clicking on the text. This action takes you back to the exact location in the original text where the information was derived, ensuring transparency and reliability in the summarization process.