Two easy ways to start:

1. Upload Content into Maimo

Begin by simply uploading any document or pasting a link directly on your Maimo dashboard.

2. Integrate Maimo via Extensions

With Chrome extension and Telegram Bot integrations, you can access and save any important information any time, anywhere. (More integrations are on the way…)

3 things Maimo can do for you:

1. Summarize

Get what matters most to you from your upload within 30-seconds.

  • Click your right-side sections in summarization to test it out.
  • Did a sentence catch your eye? Try the source-back function.

2. Answer Questions

Ask Maimo any question and get answers drawn from your uploaded content — it’s your personal conversationalist!

  • Click the sample prompts we prepared for you.
  • Type in your questions and Maimo will answer your question based on the asset provided.

3. Search Your Knowledge Library

  • Can’t recall where you saw that crucial bit of info? Type your question into Maimo’s search bar, and voila—an answer appears, pulling from any document that you uploaded.
  • Curious about the source? Use our ‘source back’ feature to trace the origin of the answer.

Remember, Maimo is all about making knowledge work for you, effortlessly and efficiently. Dive in and let your intellectual adventure begin!

The Maimo Team