Integrating Maimo with your favorite apps and tools enhances its functionality and ensures that you can utilize its powerful features anytime, on any device. Below are some key integrations currently available with Maimo, along with their functionalities and setup instructions.

Telegram Bot Integration

The Maimo Telegram Bot is designed to be your ultimate mobile assistant, enhancing your productivity and ensuring that no valuable information slips through the cracks. Here’s how it transforms your workflow:

  • Seamless Integration: Maimo’s Telegram integration ensures your workflow is uninterrupted. Continue with your current tasks while Maimo efficiently operates in the background, eliminating the need for switching between apps or waiting on web pages to get a summary. It’s a smooth, time-saving solution that enhances your productivity seamlessly.

  • Instant Summaries on the Go: Quick, need a summary of a website article? Maimo’s Telegram bot is your go-to for immediate insights. Simply send a link, and voila – concise, bullet-point summaries pop up in no time. And get ready for our next update, which enables you to send a file and get previews, streamlining your information intake even further!

How to Set Up Telegram Integration

  1. Open Settings → Click on the Integrations Tab
  2. Follow the simple Setup Instructions

Integrate with Telegram ->

Chrome Extension Integration

The Maimo Chrome extension is designed to enhance your web browsing experience and make it easier to add web-based assets to your Maimo account. Here is what you can do with it:

  • Invoke Maimo Summary: Easily access summaries of web content by pressing Shift+M or clicking the Maimo badge. The article will be automatically added to your Maimo account once you invoke Maimo Summary.
  • Add Pages to Maimo: You can also directly add any webpage to your Maimo account for future reference without opening the summary panel.
  • Customizable Experience: Add sites to a blacklist to prevent the Maimo badge from appearing on certain websites, tailoring the extension to your browsing preferences.

How to integrate with Chrome Extension?

To integrate Maimo with Chrome Extension, just visit the Chrome Web Store and install the Maimo Chrome extension.

Integrate with Chrome extension ->


Maimo also supports Webhook integration. For more details and instructions on how to integrate, please check out our cookbook.