Maimo iOS Shortcut

Ever wished you could quickly save web content to Maimo directly on your iPhone? Now you can! We’ve prepared an iOS shortcut to bridge the gap (and iOS app is also on our roadmap!). With just a tap, you can feed content from any website to Maimo. Let’s set up this time-saving tool and keep your knowledge growing on the go!

The iOS Shortcut currently only focuses on quickly saving web content to Maimo. If you also want to get the key points instantly, you can try our Telegram bot.

Setting Up Your Maimo iOS Shortcut


Retrieve Your Webhook Credentials

The iOS Shortcut is based on our Webhook feature. First, you’ll need your unique Webhook URL and Access Token from Maimo.

  1. Open Maimo Integrations
  2. Copy your Webhook URL and Access Token for use in following steps
Get Webhook Credentials

Install the Shortcut

Next, let’s get our shortcut on your iPhone.

  1. Open this Shortcut Link on your iPhone and tap “Get Shortcut”
  2. Tap “Add Shortcut” and it will appear on your shorcuts list
Install Shortcut

Configure the Shortcut

There are just a few steps left to make it work.

  1. Long press the shortcut and tap “Edit”
  2. Replace “Paste your Webhook URL here” with your Webhook URL
  3. Replace “Paste your Access Token here” with your Access Token
  4. Tap “Done” to save your changes and your shortcut is ready!

Using the Maimo iOS Shortcut on the Go

Now that you’re all set up, let’s see two typical ways to use the shortcut easily.

Method 1: Save current webpage to Maimo when browsing

To save the current web page to Maimo while browsing, just tap the share button and select “Maimo it” from the Actions Menu.

You can also move the shortcut to the top through “Edit Actions” on the bottom of the menu.

Add the shortcut to your Home Screen, then tap it and paste the link whenever you want to add one to Maimo.

With this powerful iOS Shortcut, you can now effortlessly save any web content to your Maimo from your iPhone within 2 taps. You could also design your own shortcut based on this one to fit your needs. Don’t forget to tag us if you do!