Maimo’s Global Search feature revolutionizes the way you access and utilize your stored assets. It’s an advanced tool designed to swiftly and accurately answer your questions by searching across all your uploaded documents.

  • Simple Query Input: Begin by typing your question into Maimo’s search bar. It’s as straightforward as entering a keyword of whatever you’re looking for! Maimo promptly scans through all your assets to deliver an answer, ensuring you get the information you need without the hassle of manual searching.

  • Guided Queries for Broad Topics: If your initial input is just one term like “NVIDIA,” Maimo smartly provides question suggestions to help narrow down your search. These prompts guide you towards more specific inquiries, making sure your searches are as effective as possible. Click on any of these suggestions to activate a more focused global search.

  • Backtrace: Each response from Maimo includes a source link, a feature we call ‘Backtrace’. This allows you to easily verify the information by accessing the original asset in a new tab with a simple click. For users who value accuracy and context, Backtrace is an invaluable tool that not only confirms the reliability of the information but also enriches your understanding by linking back to the full content.